About Comer

Comer has over 40 years of experience manufacturing ABS & PVC pressure fittings and valves.



Italian design and production for maximum quality



Perfect planning for on-time deliveries: 24 hours in Italy and within 5 days worldwide



The quality of our production system yields excellent products

About Comer

Italy's leading plastic pressure fittings and valves manufacturer

After 40 years in the industry, Comer is an internationally recognised brand of plastic pressure fittings and valves. Originally just manufacturing their products for use in Italy, they partnered with epco to offer products across the UK. 

Following the partnership with epco, Comer was able to expand its offering and create a much wider customer base. From this, they continued to grow year on year, establishing a market-leading reputation in the industry. Comer products are manufactured to the highest quality which can be recognised with the PVC fittings being Kitemark certified, adding to the already high standard demonstrated by the ISO 9001:20015 accreditation.

It isn’t just high quality and huge quantities of products Comer can offer their customers. After partnering with epco, the majority of Comer plastic fittingsvalves and flanges are available to order through epco for next day delivery up until 5pm. This offer is exclusive in the UK and makes Comer UK one of the best choices for any plastic pipe system requirements you may have.

The history of Comer

Founded in 1978 by two brothers, Stefano and Giorgio, working out of their garage. They started designing, developing and producing ABS moulds for use in creating pressure pipe fittings and valve products. Within the next few years, this business grew into an internationally recognised operation for the production of ABS and PVC pressure pipe fittings and valves.

From then, during 1987 the head office of Comer, San Colombano Certenoli, was acquired by the company to further their manufacturing capability for the development of ABS and PVC pressure pipe valves. During this time the business became a limited enterprise in Italy.

Following this, in 2003 the work for a new large factory in Casarza Ligure to house the new moulding machines and to produce fittings with big diameters started. Since 2008, the new headquarters have also housed the administration offices and the logistics headquarters.

Today, Comer has over 40 employees, 25,000 sqm of production facilities and a 10,000 sqm warehouse with over 7 million items stocked. With the foundations in place from an early age and a strong performance history, they will continue to grow as a world-renowned brand and market leader in plastic pipe systems.

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