About Comer SpA

Comer SpA – 40 years of Italian passion, manufacturers of ABS & PVC pressure fittings and valves.

Comer are celebrating 40 years of success

In the late 1970’s entrepreneurs and founders of Comer SpA; Stefano Compagnoni working alongside his brother Giorgio created an Italian commercial manufacturing operation designing, developing and producing ABS moulds for use in creating pressure pipe fitting and valve products. In just a few years the business, which started in a garage in Northern Italy, began to grow into an internationally recognised operation for the production of PVC and ABS pressure pipe fittings and valves.


Above is the manufacturing and assembly plants of Comer SpA, based in the Italian villages of San Colombano Certinoli and Casarza Ligure in the province of Genoa

During 1987 the head office of Comer SpA, San Colombano Certenoli was aquired by the company in order to further their manufacturing capability for the development of ABS and PVC pressure pipe valves, during this time the business became a limited enterprise in Italy.

Following this an important development happened with the acquisition of a site at Nuova Forti in Setri Levante, here the business began to manufacture large diameter pressure pipe products. At this site the business and its team grew to further develop their expertise and world renowned skill and knowledge in PVC and ABS pipework moulding, which shows throughout their work.


Comer has been a key company within the European industrial pressure pipe fitting and valve manufacturing sector since 1978

In 2004, Comer began to build a new large scale production facility at Casarza Ligure which was developed with the intention of processing and expanding the manufacture of larger diameter ABS and PVC pipe fittings. Since the year 2008 this facility has housed the company’s administration offices and logistical headquarters.

 Comer is one of the largest manufacturers specialising in injection moulds for the thermoplastic industry in ABS and PVC

Over the past 40 years, Comer SpA started as a small family run business, but has since grown into an Italian enterprise which today is known around the world for the quality and reliability of its product design and assembly. Today the business has 25,000 square meters of production space as well as 10,000 square meters of warehousing space with over 7 million items stocked throughout these facilities.

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